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― Our vision

To change what it means to visualize property

We want to change what it means to visualize property. We're on the edge of new technology and are trying to stretch it as far as possible. Being part of this digital evolution will increase quality and customer experience, and we are confident that this will be important for the future!
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― Our goal

To create a user-friendly and valueable tool

With Sansta Room Designer you will be able to give customers a new experience in visualization of interior and architecture. The way we have created the application makes it easy for us to change and adapt to your needs, whether it is VR simulation, visualization on a tablet or if you want to incorperate your own 3D-models! Get in touch for a non-binding conversation and get more information about the possibilities with Sansta Room Designer.

― Functionality

Interactive, flexible and realistic!

Sansta Room Designer makes use of completely new technology with AR and VR support. Never before has it been so easy and visually pleasing to change things in a virtual world! All changes take place immediately, so that you quickly get a holistic impression! Lighting, furniture, colors and textures can be changed with a single click. If you have 3D models of architectural solutions or products, we can easily import it into the application.
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